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High Fives

High Fives

So, over the last 12 years of living in Spain, I have learned much about the local way of living. Spain is a very friendly, safe, and reliable country. Spanish people love their food and their drinks. And usually, a weekend is spent drinking and eating with friends. During my interactions with clients, I have been asked many times about tips and favorites. And because of this, I have decided to spend a weekly blog on my favorite places to eat. Now, be warned, I don’t like fancypancy, over-the-top, see-and-be-seen places. I go for food…and quality, and yes, service in a way too, but I expect the latter to be good, and restaurants don’t earn points for service, in my case.
My knowledge and recommendations are all centered around Benalmadena, stretching from Malaga to Fuengirola.
I will give you my five best, my High Fives, in no particular order. So, the numbering is not a ranking, just a number. This week’s high Five is restaurants with general menus (so no specific fish or meat places, just the best restaurants I know, and I´ll explain why!)

  1. La Abacería de David – This small little hideout might be hard to find at first, but it is sure worth finding it. Located in one of the back streets of Fuengirola, you will find this amazing local restaurant. David is the owner (obviously), and I would recommend giving him a call to reserve a table. David Speaks Spanish, English, and German. The food is homemade in a small kitchen and is of the best quality. The jamon, the cheeses, and his specials are all worth the try! Don’t be squeamish and try it; it wouldn’t be on a menu if it was awful, so give it a go! Let David and his team advise you about the wine (drink red!). He has some amazing wines that won’t break the bank. Anything between 15 and 25 euros will be amazing! Reservations can be made through this number +34663043049
    The link to Google Maps can be found here
  2. Higueron Restaurant – This restaurant is very close to the Urbanisation Higueron West. It is located just above the highway and has an exceptional view. The whole restaurant was redone and modernized in 2021, and it has made this one of my favorite spots. The parking is easy and never crowded. The kitchen is from the north of Spain and done very well. Their Fabada (north Spanish stew with giant white beans) is amazing, and paired with a nice glass of red wine, it just gets better and better. I personally like to sit in the bar area, as it is more crowded and fun. But if you want peace and quiet, the restaurant area is great too. Lunch I think, is best, as dinner can be somewhat expensive. It is recommended to make reservations, as the place gets very busy during lunch hours. Reservations can be made through this number: 952 11 91 63
    The location is here
  3. Mesón el pollo del Tio Paco – So the next one is a personal favorite for Saturday or Sunday lunches..Yes, we lunch a lot here and we lunch till late. Mesón de Pollo is a truly local place, maybe a bit out of the way, close to the airport. In front of the restaurant is a parking place (beware of huge potholes) for easy parking. YOU NEED TO RESERVE! it might not seem this way, but the place will be packed by 13.30 on either day of the weekend. Nowadays, they do two lunchtime reservations. One at 13.30 and 1 at 15.00. Pick your best and come hungry! The best starters, in my opinion, are the Morcilla (blood sausage over BBQ) and the chorizo. For mains, the chicken is the best; half a chicken will be plenty for 1 hungry person. The chickens are roasted on an open fire, and you can see it at the restaurant. They taste amazing. Don’t expect a fancy place..just really good chicken! Their website is, and reservations can be made through 952 23 61 27. the location is here
  4. Restaurante Tánicos – Okay, this might not be for everybody as it is really old school Spanish style as this place has been around for ages. The food is old school but never disappoints. The staff here is friendly, with a polished and professional touch. The menu offers fine dining and tapas, including all the classics like Gambas, Croquetas, and Jamon Iberico. For mains, you’ve got your choice of a veal cutlet with a superb gorgonzola sauce or pork medallions with a spicy kick. And don’t even get me started on the top-notch wine list—these guys really know their stuff. Book ahead, though; this place is always buzzing! The website can be found here
    Reservations are made through 952468178, and the location is here
  5. La Taberna de Mike Palmer – This is again a find….And it is a bit out of the way. As you drive to this place, you might wonder where you are going, and you will feel a bit lost at the moment, but keep on it as it is well worth the surprise. Located next to horse stables, you will find an amazing place. The food is of a high standard, and the prices are somewhat higher than normal. But if you wish to splurge a little..go for it. The menu is amazing and I would recommend having the Tortilla de patatas al whiskey for sure! The bread they serve is a treat. Be sure to make reservations as, again, this place is busy during weekend lunches. Their website is here
    And reservations can be made at 622697134 The location is here

As said before, these 5 are all general restaurants I enjoy eating at. They range in price, but the quality is the best. If you have any recommendations or additions to my list, please let me know, and I will be happy to try them out! I hope you enjoy eating and drinking!

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